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Common Search Requests

• Expert Witness Searches

Locate an expert by name or specialty. You can choose to take all of the records available in our database or just a portion, such as the most recent five years. Our case summaries include court file numbers and the trial attorneys' names so you can enhance your research by contacting the attorneys to discuss the merits of a particular expert.

Name searches start at $75 for subscribers and $95 for non-subscribers. Since our rates are based upon volume, you control your costs with any search request.

For any name search, if we don't find it ... there is no charge.

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• Injury Searches

Assess the value of an injury in a particular venue. Adjacent venues can have significantly different verdict results. Whether you are trying to decide the best venue in which to file or you need to get a realistic picture of your chances of winning in the venue where your case is set for trial, similar case summaries can shed some light on the matter. Your injury search can be as broad as - all leg fractures in all St. Louis venues - or as narrow as - leg fractures to minor passengers, ages 5 through 18, in St. Louis County. We confer with you about your search results before finalizing the invoice.

Injury searches start at $120 for subscribers and $140 for non-subscribers. You control the final content and cost.

Realistic expectations help the settlement process and the trial experience.

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• Subject Searches

Request cases of a certain type, such as medical malpractice, product liability, sexual harassment in employment, etc. Perhaps seeing a specific segment of a broad case type such as negligent surgery, defective ladders or failure to promote would be most helpful in your case. Prepare your case for trial, settlement, arbitration, etc., with the facts of other similar cases to support your position.

Subject searches start at $120 for subscribers and $140 for non-subscribers. A small investment can promote a winning result.

Put your case in perspective by reviewing a compilation of similar cases.

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• Attorney Searches

Track the trial experience of your opposing counsel. Assess a colleague's trial experience before entering into collaborative activities such as fee splits, co-counsel services, referrals, etc. Contact a colleague to discuss a mutual opposing counsel's trial preparation tactics as well as courtroom etiquette.

Name searches start at $75 for subscribers and $95 for non-subscribers.

Keep tabs on who's doing what in Missouri and southwestern Illinois.

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• Personal Portfolios

Compile and present your published cases to prospective clients or for relocations, promotion applications, partnership reviews, judicial applications, etc.

Enhance your portfolio with an objective source of your best work.

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The above suggestions are starting points
for your legal research.
Discuss your ideas with us.
We'll try to accommodate your requests.

Judy A. Riley, President
Verdict Reporter, Inc.
Voice: (314) 962-7500
Fax: (314) 962-6864

Or mail to:
Verdict Reporter
2440 S. Brentwood, Suite 102
St. Louis, MO 63144


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Verdict Reporter 2440 S. Brentwood Suite 102 St. Louis, MO 63144
Voice: (314) 962-7500 Fax: (314) 962-6864

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